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Epoxy Flooring Services Bangor

Should you need flooring solutions in Bangor then we are right here to help you. We have a great selection of flooring options for residential and commercial needs. Being a local company we have a very good relationship with most owners in the area and have prided ourselves on helping out many a business or home owner in Bangor with picking out the right epoxy floor or polished concrete solution.

If you have been walking around a public space in Bangor and you have seen a dazzling epoxy floor then there’s a good chance we installed it. We are one of the biggest companies in the nation that not only services Bangor but many other states and places nationwide. We can point you towards the best option in terms of floor coatings and come in at the best price. We will always try and match the competition and better them in price so it’s always worth giving us a call for a free quote.

Some of the reasons you might want to consider an epoxy floor in a commercial environment is:

  • It will enhance the look of the business and strike an air of value and professionalism as well as a pleasant environment for customers.
  • If you have a business that is prone to heat and spills like a chefs kitchen or a chemical factory our coatings can help the floor from getting damaged and provide easy to clean solutions.
  • Keep that health and safety record up by having our special non- stick floors installed in Bangor.
  • Cut down on bacteria and nasty microbes by having us install our special epoxy that is perfect for areas that need the upmost hygiene.
  • We have coating solutions that are great reflectors of light, so if the space you want coating is looking dark our flooring will lighten up the place and reflect the light back in to the room.


Our clients in Bangor will vouch for our service as you can see this from our testimonials and our work on display in the gallery section showing you the possibilities you can have. If you like the look of any of the flooring options we have on display then just let us know and we will give you the same look. When it comes to epoxy and flooring there is nothing we can’t do.

OUR Epoxy Contractors services in Bangor includes:

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Concrete Floor
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings Bangor ME
  • Epoxy Flooring Bangor
  • Concrete stain
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Floor Covering

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Diana Chen – The Cut above Salon
"I had epoxy flooring installed in my business, owning a hair salon I wanted something that was easy to clean and bacteria free. The guys came in mid week and added this amazing red metallic reflective finish which looks amazing. All my customers comment on how cool it is and it’s easy to sweep and clean at the end of the day. I am really happy with it."
Lance Roberts – New life fresh organics
"We own a small chain of organic food shopping centers and I wanted a quote on one of my stores to see how much it would cost and how it would look. The team that came out was great and they showed me options and I went for a polished concrete look that also makes the floor look vintage. I was stunned by the result it made the store look amazing and the produce now feels like it’s sat on a stage. I have given the green light to add it in our other stores."
Gus Rodriguez – Florida home owner
"My home garage was looking very sad and I wanted to upgrade it so I can work on my cars and be in a nice environment seeing as I was spending hours in there. I picked out a cool metallic blue flooring option that is just, wow! Now my wife has to drag me bag in the house because it’s made my man cave complete. "
Mike Holden – Circuit board manufacturer
"I just want to say that this company helped me pick out the floor that would define my place of work. My factory is now cutting edge in every way thanks to the advice of these professionals and I have secured many manufacturing contracts since due to the professional look of my facilities and the overall finish of the factory."

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