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Commercial Flooring Solutions

If you are a business owner and you are in need of some new flooring then you will require something that is not is not only hardwearing that can withstand foot traffic but wheels also if you have lift carts or smaller objects like chairs moving around.

You will also require a floor that is easy to clean, not prone to stains from spillages and also slip proof. We can offer all of these options and more. Every commercial environment will require different solutions. If you have laboratory’s that require sterile conditions you are going to need a special epoxy coating that dispels micro organisms such as bacteria and viruses to keep it clean. You will also want flooring that has some grip but is also very easy to clean when production is going.

For an airport or market place you will require a few different looks and finishes for various areas. For example, an airport will have plane hangers that might opt for polished concrete. This is always a good option as it’s easy to wash down and the planes look great parked upon these floors reflecting light in to them. Certain epoxy flooring finishes are great because you can color code an area, we can paint certain areas red to let most people know it’s off limit and other areas green to let people know it’s a safe zone. The benefit of this is it cuts down on accidents and it helps with health and safety.

If you have some other flooring options in mind then we suggest you give us a call and we can help you out. The one thing our company does is deal with most flooring options from leveling floors to new concrete surfacing. If you have seen a flooring design you like somewhere else then just take a picture and show us and we will give you that some look.

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Diana Chen – The Cut above Salon
"I had epoxy flooring installed in my business, owning a hair salon I wanted something that was easy to clean and bacteria free. The guys came in mid week and added this amazing red metallic reflective finish which looks amazing. All my customers comment on how cool it is and it’s easy to sweep and clean at the end of the day. I am really happy with it."
Lance Roberts – New life fresh organics
"We own a small chain of organic food shopping centers and I wanted a quote on one of my stores to see how much it would cost and how it would look. The team that came out was great and they showed me options and I went for a polished concrete look that also makes the floor look vintage. I was stunned by the result it made the store look amazing and the produce now feels like it’s sat on a stage. I have given the green light to add it in our other stores."
Gus Rodriguez – Florida home owner
"My home garage was looking very sad and I wanted to upgrade it so I can work on my cars and be in a nice environment seeing as I was spending hours in there. I picked out a cool metallic blue flooring option that is just, wow! Now my wife has to drag me bag in the house because it’s made my man cave complete. "
Mike Holden – Circuit board manufacturer
"I just want to say that this company helped me pick out the floor that would define my place of work. My factory is now cutting edge in every way thanks to the advice of these professionals and I have secured many manufacturing contracts since due to the professional look of my facilities and the overall finish of the factory."

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Our commercial epoxy floor services include:

Free quotes to all potential clients along with professional advice
Quality preparation services that make sure the floors are primed and ready for the coating.
World class products that will stand the test of time.
Coatings suitable for any type of commercial environment.
We have solvent free and environmentally friendly coating solutions.
Brand new flooring equipment that is top of the line.

So the bottom line is if you want a floor that is:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Is flat and level.
  • Has good light reflection.
  • Has pretty much zero maintenance.
  • And very low initial cost.

We have just the product to suit those flooring needs.